Cork Sustainable/Biodégradable

Durable, self cleaning, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal. Environmentally Conscious. Stripped cork absorbs 5xs more CO2


Cleans the air, improves soil quality, biodegradable, needs little water, fertilizer free, reduces plastic production, farmed by locals.

Lets discuss some things

  • Become a Focused Lyfe Sustainable Yoga Mat Ambassador

    What is a Focused Lyfe Ambassador? 

    Party or person whom willingly enters into partnered agreement to market/advertise on behalf of Focused Lyfe, with the intention to earn commission/income, on sales generated by the parters selling discount code.


    What are the partnered terms of agreement?

    Each distributor will have the opportunity to bring something unique to the agreement. However, there will be a certain level of standards that all must follow to make it a fair and polished operation for all involved. 


    Expectation tears are as follows:

    • Tear 1. 
    • We donate a mat from our line to the Ambassador, free of initial cost of the mat. Ambassador pays shipping.
    • Ambassador agrees to post, tag and promote discount code and website links on all social media platforms they are a part of and put FL mat Link in their bio. 
    • Tags and posts must total a min of 1x’s a day. For a min of 3 months. We provide you with specific hash tags and Insta product tags, if you qualify.
    • After that time you may post as often as you wish so long as our link remains active on your Instagram or Face Book page for an additional 9 months. Bringing the total advertising time frame to 1 year. 
    • Removal of distribution link, failure to advertise or abandonment of the Ambassador agreement will result in the return of the Yoga Mat or an invoice being sent to the distributor for the whole sale price of the mat less shipping

    Tear 2. Focused Lyfe will send a wholesale invoice for the mat of their choice plus shipping. Upon the receipt of payment Focused Lyfe will then ship the mat to the Ambassador and all we ask is that you advertise our link on your social media page(s) for a year. You may post and tag us as often as you choose. (See Tear 1 letter E, add in the remaining balance of the mat, EX. Cork $108-40=$68 + shipping invoice to be paid by distributor. Estimate, example)

    • Tear 3. It’s a negotiation…make us an offer and we will consider it. 



    Focused Lyfe standards are as follows:

    In addition to your own personal touch, terms are to be discussed in person and then in writing and signed by both parties prior to the distribution of any products, issuance of discount codes or name tagging/advertising takes place.

    The discount code & amount will be discussed on a per partnered agreement. 


    Partnered ambassador advertisings expectations:


    All advertisements are to be made with class and in appropriation to current legal, moral and socially acceptable means. No Porn, sex, filth, abuse, degradation, discrimination on race or sexual orientation, gender assaults, hate, malice, children being used inappropriately, animal abuse, misuse, dangerous or unsafe environments, government or political advertising that is being used for anything other then green/environmental initiatives, greed, or any other stupid manner that will embarrass, hurt or insult us or anyone else.  


    Focused Lyfe has the right to refuse any advertisements that tag our business name or our yoga mats that are in partnered agreement with Ambassadors.



    Agreements to terminate partnership must be in writing and will be  deemed elected upon notice of receipt. In some cases of discounted mat distribution those mats will be asked to be returned to Focused Lyfe within 30 days of termination agreement or you will receive and invoice for the wholesale cost of the mat plus original shipping costs.


    Wholesale cost for distributors:

     $40 for the Cork Yoga Mat 

    (Shipping varies on location) from $12-$22 and 

    $30 for the Jute and 

    $10 has the average cost for shipping. 


    Granular Details on the operating process.


    Once this document has been signed:


    Generating a Discount Code for your business or Product Tagging.

    1. We can generate a discount code for you. 
    2. You can identify the name of the code you would like to use. 
    3. The name of the discount code can be the name of your business, or any characters that you choose.
    4. Focused Lyfe will have the final approval on any discount codes being used. This included the percentage, dollar value, and name of the code itself.  There are a few supporting reasons for this.
    5. We want to be sure that all distributors and affiliates are being treated consistent.
    6. The code that is being used represents discounts that allow for all parties involved to be profitable.
    7. When Focused Lyfe runs a promotion, we will notify all distributors and affiliates so they can advertise accordingly. We will clearly identify the start date and end date of the promotion, and the discount percentage. Focused Lyfe will also clearly communicate the commission to be paid to the distributor and affiliate when promotions are approved. 
    8. We can track the discounts being applied at checkout to ensure each distributor and affiliate receives the necessary commissions. 
    9. The discount code has to be unique, and cannot be a code that is active or non-active. We cannot have two different distributors or affiliate using the same discount codes because we  cannot track who to provide the commission to. This is why Focused Lyfe needs to approve all discount being used. 
    10. That code will be inn-bedded with a link directing customers from your sales channels to check out on The percentage, or the cash value of the code will already be active and applied at checkout since the customer clicked the link directly.  When customer checks out there will be a discount applied and stated clearly at the checkout.

    ***Product Tagging is coming soon and we can hep you with that on Instagram.***

    Commission and Sales

    1. Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly report will be generated from our administration platform to track overall sales, and discount codes that were used.  If active seller, weekly reports, if inactive or low activity seller will receive either bi-weekly or monthly reports. 
    2. Reports will be sent to distributor and affiliate itemizing our sales of each product. 
    3. Commission will be paid out weekly. Available payment option as are PayPal, Zelle, or Direct Transfer
    4. All commission are paid out ( ONE ) week in arrears. If your code generates a sale you will be paid the following week. 
    5. If no sale then you will not receive a report until the end of the month. 
    6. Distributors are to keep track of their own commission statements but Focused Lyfe can send you a year end commission statement for tax purposes. 
    7. Recommend a Friend and get a $25 bonus upon their first sale. Keep adding people to our teared approach and keep making more money!


    Consignment Agreements are to be made in writing on a case by case bases for studios, gyms, spas, etc. Please ask about our consignment program if you are looking for bulk sales or customized bulk ordered items.   


     Email us to set up a conversation.