Why Cork, Why Jute?

Because we give a sh—

 In a society overrun with disposable plastic goods which create massive amounts of waste, we’re putting our foot (and planting our palms) down. Focused Lyfe has had enough of this unconscious production and consumption. We’re passionate about putting out sustainable products that make a difference and reverse the effects of haphazard manufacturing.

 Not only this, but these materials are ideal for yoga mats. Check out some of the details of the materials we use:



Native to South Asia, Jute grows tall and thin like bamboo and is sustainably harvested in small farming communities in the global south, who do not use pesticides. It’s antimicrobial, anti fungal, biodegradable, and no chemical (or fancy organic) sprays are required to clean or sanitize the mat.

We blend jute with PVC, because:

PVC is a reusable synthetic material created from recycled polymers. This gives plastic a second (or third, or fourth..) reincarnation, rather than sending it to the landfills or the oceans. It’s a flexible material that when blended with jute creates an incredible textured feel with an awesome grip. Like we say, if you’re slipping, you ain’t grippin!


As you might know from pulling it out of wine bottles, cork is expandable, buoyant, and easily floats, like we yearn to be in our lives and our practices.

When it comes to the mat, the more you sweat the more porous cork becomes. Sweat increases your grip on the mat as you practice, rather than reducing it and having you sliding all over the place like with synthetic mats. No towel required with our cork mats if you’re a Bikram-ista (or just a sweaty bitch). Like with jute, cork is antimicrobial, anti fungal, biodegradable, and nothing extra is needed to keep your mat clean. It is self-cleaning!

We cushion the cork with tree rubber, because:

Tree rubber is a form of latex that is derived from plants, it’s biodegradable and, like a committed yogi, it has excellent stretch and recovery capabilities. It can be extracted without damaging the trees from which it’s derived. We love being able to live harmoniously with trees.